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One strives to stay healthy in this world of hurry! Exercising isn't always on the list since clock is always on the neck. Cooking post a tiring day for hours and hours can make one want to ignore their health. Isn't it always better to have something that gets cooked at time minimal? Well, A La Meat is just the station to stop at.

A La Meat serves fresh, pre-cut and marinated meat that proves to be a delight for those on the go. Ready to cook pre-marinated meats by A La Meat are for anyone and everyone who would like home-cooked meals that are healthy and easy on their pockets.We provide convenient, healthy, premium quality and affordable meat that has high protein and low fat. This will help you take minimal efforts and is available in different portions and sizes that meet your requirements.

Apart from satisfying every customer with fresh meat, A La Meat also focuses on cleanliness and hygiene. A La Meat strictly rules out any risk of any contamination by checking the meat at its source itself. The carcass is weighed in a way to ensure the meat is tender and juicy.

To restore the freshness of the meat, it is stored at -10 degrees Celsius and transported in insulated bags.At every step, A La Meat takes the responsibility to make sure that the meat is fresh, clean and safe for consumption!

Forget about marinating meats all by yourself, we have a huge range of lip-smacking, healthy marinated meats available for you.We have an extensive gourmet range of super lean, extra tasty and highly nutritious meats. From mouth melting Galouti Kebabs for Keto to protein packed Chicken Tikkas and even sensational Seafood, we have got it all!No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives! The only tough job for you is what to choose!Moreover, A la meat is reinventing the dinner party, So save yourself some time and escape hassle while focusing on impressing your guests with a home-cooked meal.

Coming Soon :
A La Meat will soon provide specialised meals as per diet plans that one follows.Keto, Low carb diet, diabetic diet plan will be delivered at your doorstep.
You can now enjoy our ready to eat products at our store or order them online.
Portion Sizes :
1) 300 gms
2) 500 gms
3) 1000 gms.

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